Monday, July 4, 2011

Heavenly cake - Miettes Tomboy


This week I made Miettes Tomboy. It was A fantastic chocolate cake!

Mis en place:

My helper

The 'Ez Man' was with us for moral support and beater licking.

The super market near us, that has not enough baking supplies I now call 'half - baked'. They did not have any plain dutch process cocoa. They did, however, have Hershey's Special dark cocoa which is partially dutch process. We were quite pleased with the result actually. It had a terrific texture and a nice dark chocolate taste.

Ready for baking. It only filled up 1/4 of my 9 by 2 inch pan.

Nonetheless, after some time in the toaster, it looked like this. :) I did use a cake strip, which, I am sure helped a bit.

In better light.

Making moussline is always fun. As usual, I cut the butter in half for a more intense flavor. I forgot to add the vanilla again. Drat! It still tasted fab.

We could not find a candy rose lying about so I put a lollipop a-top.

Happy 4th!


  1. Beautiful, Mendy! Your helpers are growing so fast. I think this is the best chocolate cake in the book.

  2. Welcome back Mendy! This is one of my favorite chocolate cake from the book. Beautiful cake and beautiful helper, and the 'Ez-Man' is just so cute :).

  3. I almost made this cake (again) this weekend. Yours looks excellent and tasty, and I love that you popped a lollipop on top.

  4. Beautiful dark color from the cocoa. I remember how intense this choc cake was. Definitely a favorite. And the pics of the kids is like icing on the cake. They're cute!! :o)

  5. Great cake Mendy! Your children are growing so quickly.