Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goldman's in Baltimore - My Chocolate Gold standard


Everyone's got to have their chocolate Gold standard. For Rose L. Beranbaum it may be her Double Chocolate cake. For me, it's Goldman's Kosher Bakery's Danish's in Baltimore MD.

I wish I knew how they got their chocolate to taste like that! 

Note the heavenly light...

We took a trip to Baltimore for my nephew's bris.

Boy did the snow hit here hard!

Some of Goldman's other goodies (none of it as good as the danishes:)

Hamentashen (Purim treats:)

Cookies and such. I recommend the ice box cookies.

Kichel and friends. Where is that creamed and pickled herring...?

The kids, of course, stood there in awe, for a moment, in front of the danishes, then opted for the strawberry shortcake. :)

And to think that some consider the best kosher bakeries in New York. Take it from me in Brooklyn, this place is tops!


  1. Wow! look at the selection! Difficult to make a choice..cos they all look so good! Must be cold there..look at the snow! Weather is extremely hot and wish i can have some snow here!

  2. I will definitely keep this place in mind the next time I'm in Baltimore!


  3. Danish are my weakness. I worked in a bakery (http://www.josefsvienna.com/) for two years and just love good danish!

  4. I love Danish! And pickled herring too! YUM!!

  5. What a fabulous bakery! Great pictures. Can't believe the snow.

  6. Wow, how can you choose? Everything looks so good.