Sunday, January 10, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Chocolate Streusel Coffee Cake


My kids called this 'Smile Cake' because the streusel sort of looks like a smile.

Mis en Place:

Just a gratuitous picture of the 'Ez Man.'

Streusel and flour mixtures:

Cream the butter. This a small amount to mix and gave me a hard time with the hand beater.

Tuck the streusel good night under a fluffy blanket of yummy batter.

Fantastic. So delicious! Will definitely be making this again. The bottom 1/8 of the cake was a little underdone. I'm not sure how to know when this is done as the toothpick came out clean.


  1. okay, 1. I love that your kids re-named the cake the smile cake! 2. I always enjoy the gratuitous photos of your kids. they are always so happy and cute! and 3. tucking the streusel good night under a fluffy blanket of batter is just about the awesomest way to describe this process. thanks for such a fun read!

  2. Can i say that Jennifer read my mind and said everything i wanted to say already? LOL! :) I love that 'smile' that turned up on your cake! :D

  3. As always, I love your descriptions. I'm glad you enjoyed this cake for Shabbat.

  4. I wonder if baking this cake at a lower temperature for a bit longer would take care of the underdone-ness. Glad you liked this cake.

  5. Excellent as usual. I'm always so amazed at what you can bake in that toaster oven!