Friday, October 23, 2009

Saffron Challah


Based on Mark Bittman's Saffron infused Challah Recipe.

I do not think the saffron flavor really came through. There most be some way to bring it out more, maybe by sauteing the saffron or something.

I found these instructions on the web somewhere. Maybe I will try it next time...

"To bring out the flavor (safranal) in the saffron, pull, tear, crumble or cut as best you can and toast it carefully in a heated dry iron pan set over a medium heat; be careful not to burn it. It will darken, become fragrant and brittle. Now is the time to grind it in a small mortar and pestle.

Before using this ground saffron, at the end of cooking the object dish, let it soak in a Tblsp of an appropriate cool to room temperature liquid for 45-60 minutes. In truth, it would be optimal to prepare the saffron a day ahead, and let the ground saffron to soak in an appropriate liquid in the refrigerator, or at room temperature, as might be appropriate, overnight."

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