Monday, November 7, 2016

Greenstein's Bakery - Baking Bible - Prune Preserves and Caramel Cream Cake Roll


Hi everyone. I'm back!
After a hiatus based on frizzed out brain, beguile by expense (for ingredients), run-out-of-time and a pre-diabetic diagnosis, dearest Marie has convinced me to deviate from my workaday stupor for her devious plan to have me join in for one last hurrah (or two).

Well it does feel good to bake again. This cake was delicious if not a little cloyingly sweet since I decided to make it parve so I wouldn't have to deal with the toaster. The riches whip has an added sweetness that heavy
 cream doesn't. However, the dark chocolate on top offset the sweetness nicely.

Mis en place

Omi Girl and the 'Ez man' were with me for moral support.

A snow.

A half sheet of cake insanity.

 The cake insane.

 Some nice prune lekvar. This is the first time I actually made Rose's prune lekvar instead of buying it. I felt it was missing something... like allspice. But that's simply a flavor combo I've grown up with so, not sure.

I made a double dose of the sugar syrup since I find that I end up running out.

The lovely caramel.

The caramel whipped cream on its own was delectable. 

I should have rolled this joint tighter.

The flattened circle concept.

I had so much extra whipped cream that I decided to coat the cake. This may have been a mistake as it added to the sweetness.

Love me a Sharfenberger 82%

I forgot to save a spoon of caramel for the piping so I heated the whip in the caramel pot and it got a nice infusion.

I made the piping hole too big.

נה מעון כרמל, וזיף ויוטה

(the cities of) 
Maon, Carmel, Zif and Yuta.
-Joshua 15:55

Carmel reminds me of caramel (and uh, dear old Clint) and Zif is the like the hebrew word for prune, "shezif".

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