Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Greenstein's Bakery - Baking Bible - Blue Cheesecakes


What can I say about these things. We did not like them very much. The flavor was too strong and not sweet enough to really pass as cheese 'cake'. We all took one bite that was it. Really too bad since we made these for Shavuot holiday. That's O.K., the orange cream tart that we also made (next week's recipe) completely redeemed these nasty little buggers.

blue cheese mixed...

Ready batter.

Toaster Shot

 I tried to add some powdered suger to save these but it was too late.

Looks good. Just don't put it in your mouth.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't like them at all. Looks like you overbaked them perhaps that's why they didn't taste as sweet as it should be? I find that with cookies, if i overbaked them, they tend to lose a bit of sweetness.. maybe it's the brownness formed that makes it less sweet... or could be my imagination. At least the orange tarts you like! :D

  2. "Nasty little buggers"!!! I'm so curious to know if different brands of blue cheese are stronger than others but not curious enough to actually taste test blue cheese! I loved the recipe though so maybe doubling the cream cheese might make them like regular cheesecake with a little more sugar. Glad to know about the orange tart. Making it right now and already forgot to put the foil around the edge....

  3. usually when using a darker pan, the cake always bake faster or get darker. have a happy Shavuot.

  4. So funny calling them nasty little buggers. I quite like mine savoury but probably wouldn't make them again. Lucky you had the orange tart.