Sunday, February 1, 2015

Greenstein's Bakery - BB - Pecan Raisin Apricot Rye Bread


There are, in fact, 4 Jewish New-Years. The New Year of the Trees ('Tu be'Shvat) happens this week. As giving regular charity from ones produce and work-income is an integral concept, this date delineates this years tithe from last years. It is customary to eat fruit in honor of the New Year.

This is a wonderful and delicious bread. We almost polished it off in one sitting. However, it is so good it would be a shame not to share it. I only wish I had doubled the recipe.

Omi-girl was with me for moral support.

Soaking dried fruit before baking it in bread always helps.

Now they are nice and soft.

Did not have walnuts so I used pecans. I used a little more pecans and apricots than the recipe called for.

Since I was mixing by hand I first mixed the dry ingredients together with the biga before adding the water, to make it easier.

Ready for the first rise.

Three rises and ready to bake.

I was able to bake this in a regular oven, since it is parve.

With a bissele shmear of margarine. Perfect!


  1. I love to read about Jewish history and culture from you. I didn't know there are 4 Jewish new years. Now I know. So interesting! Thank you for sharing! Omi-girl is so cute.. and always giving you support! :D Your bread looks very soft! And that's a LOT of butter on that slice of bread! lol!

  2. I didn't know there were 4 Jewish new years either. What did you soak your fruit in? Looks really good - wish I would have soaked mine, Maybe next time.

  3. Mendy, your post is great, and the bread looks wonderful! Like you, I really wish I had doubled the recipe! I simply love this recipe! Thanks so much for including your info on Jewish culture--like Faithy, I really enjoy it also! Your little girl is a sugar plum! I will be making this again SOON!

  4. Pecans! Great idea. That sounds really good to me for this bread. I actually thought this bread would be more fun to make by hand. Can your daughter be any cuter? She looks like a little doll! I read about Tu B'Shevat. Such a lovely holiday, so thoughtful and beautiful.

  5. Hi Mendy! Happy New Year! And beautiful bread! It was definitely the right kind eating in one sitting.

  6. Mendy--i just love your moral support team! your children are so lucky to be growing up in a tradition of baking in the home. and i'm so glad i finally gave your a pareve recipe that you can bake in a regular oven--it looks fantastic!

  7. A shmear looks a lot bigger than a smear. I didn't realise it at a time but I also had a shmear of butter on mine :). Omi-girl is one of your most loyal supporters. Great bread, reading your post has made me want to make it again immediately.

  8. Mendy - This is really scrumptious looking - you are so innovative!