Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heavenly Cake - No Bake Cheesecake as well as the 'retardation' of retardation.'


This fabulous cheesecake really is light as feather. Well done Rose, you really captured something nice here. This recipe seems rather unique what with the custard, italian merringue and whipped cream cheese. I did end up making some modifications because of our pantries limitations. First I used regular cream cheese instead of cream fraiche. Then, I only used 1/3 the amount of whipped cream cheese. At the end I decided to add an extra egg white to the merringue. I learned my lesson before when Rose includes random lemon juice ingredients. Unless you are expecting the dessert to have a lemon flavor, leave it out! There are already two other lemon cheesecakes in Rose's heavenly cakes and another was not what we were looking for.

I wondered if the butter really got incorperated nicely since it still seemed very crumbly but the crust turned out great! This, even though I mixed in the melted butter by hand to the already processed graham crackers.


Old enough to actualy be of real help! :)


This time we had real Kolatin and the cakes set nicely.

And now for another little rant. Namely, with all the fancy baking books preaching on how much better bread tastes if you retard your dough what they fail to mention is that if you don't your bread (in this case pizza) will still be better than any thing you can get in a store. What is more, even if you don't let your dough rise, your homemade pizza dough can still taste better than store bought. I found this out the other night when my wife was out and, pressed for time, I made what we now call 'Silly Pizza' for dinner. I used 1 part corn meal to 3 parts AP flour a dash of salt and a dash of yeast. However, I was pressed for time and did not really let the yeast rise before throwing it in the oven. It was fabulous! Delicious! Better than anything you can by in the store.

Just a little something I made to break our fast on today.


  1. oh mendy, your title made me laugh and laugh. your little cheesecake cups are very pretty, not to mention your little helper. has that much time really gone by? and do i say that every time we see your kids?
    anyways, if i ever venture into bread making territory i'll remember the retardation of retardation!

  2. Mendy, I laughed at your title as well. And your beautiful daughter is growing up! She'll be making the whole cake in no time (watch out for competition).