Sunday, September 26, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Mystery Cake with Mystery Ganache


I made this cake for my wife's birthday Farbrengen. Everyone had to try and guess the 'mystery' ingredient.

 As far as I can tell Campells tomato soup is not currently under Kosher supervision. I used Rokeach Tomato soup.

The tomato soup, cocoa and egg mixture.

I used margarine with a bit of oil for extra moisture (thanks to Hanaâ for the suggestion) as substitute as all the ladies coming to the farbrengen were expected to have just have finished their Sabbath Meat meals.

The finished batter.

After baking I froze these cakes for three days and composed it the night of. 

The happy birthday girl with her cake. People guess things from liqueur to pepper to ketchup. Everyone liked it! The flavor of the soup definitely shined through both the cake and the ganache. Frankly, while the cake tasted great, I was a little grossed out and would have enjoyed it more had I not known there was any secret ingredient. It was still Yummy. Happy Birthday, Mrs Mendy!


  1. It looks beautiful! those things look like candles! Happy Bday!

    Like you, I was totally a bit put off on the secret ingredient.. I had way to much cooking going on this weekend, so I put this one in the to do list as "if I have the time, and I'm not to tired"

    As you would notice, I was to tired and did not have the time, since I decided to pass this one by.

  2. She's so pretty! Your cake looks fantastic, too.

  3. glad to meet you, Mrs Mendy! and Happy Birthday to you! and Mendy, your cake rocks! Looks just like the book!

  4. aw, look at you two kids and your beautiful cake! happy birthday mrs mendy!

  5. Beautiful cake Mendy. Happy birthday to Mrs. Mendy!

  6. Gorgeous, cake, couple, biscuit candles et al.

    Happy birthday Mrs Mendy!