Sunday, July 11, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Vanilla Bean Pound Cake


Yummy pound cake...

Mis en place.

pinch the vanilla into the sugar.

"אֶת-חֲטָאַי, אֲנִי מַזְכִּיר הַיּוֹם." -"My sins do I recall today." - Genesis 41:9; All those times I measured the flour with out a scale... Here is my shtotty new scale. It was a gift from the missus (along with a scrape-a-bowl and a williams sonoma apron.) So far it was useful for measuring the flour. ;)

I wonder how this one compares to the beater blade. It's got this sort of curvy thing going on...

Mix mix...

One of the nice things about using real vanilla bean is that you can see the specks of vanilla in the cake.

I could not find the vanilla cognac so I used Amaretto instead. It complemented nicely.

Lemonade anyone?


  1. I would buy that whole pitcher of lemonade from her, she is so cute.

    Amaretto--great idea! Congrats on your fancy new equipment! You may want to use your scale for everything, just saying. I decided this morning I should start portioning out my cats' food by grams instead of cups. I know they'll thank me for it someday.

  2. I have that same weighing machine in red! :D It's it sleek? LOL! I bought it cos it is so!

    Lovely pound cake and yummy too isn't it? Your little girl is soo adorable!

  3. Nice gifts from the missus....did you have a birthday and not tell us? It was 105 yesterday, I could have used some of that lemonade! Amaretto sounds so good on this pound cake.

  4. I made mine au natural and did not soak it with anything.. but like always your ideas a great, so I'm going to pen in to use Amaretto for the next time.

    And I would like a glass of lemonade.. who in their right mind would say NO to such a cutie?

  5. Another Costco shopper. That vanilla is a great buy. Your cake is delicious looking.

  6. Again, great job!! Love the lemonade stand - I always "support" our local lemonade stands.


  7. Your cake turned out perfect. Especially the nice slit down the middle. Sounds like your little one is already business-oriented. I hope she sold a lot of lemonade!! :o)

    PS: what a nice wife! Those are awesome gifts!!