Sunday, March 21, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Peanut Butter Ingots (with ground almonds)


These were fabulous!

Mis en place:

Toasted Almonds.

Flour mixture. I did not get every last powdered sugar ball!

Beurre noisette.

Keep it warm... ;)

Mix mix...

Ready to go.

The unique thing about these seems to be the ground almonds and the beurre noisette which change this from a regular peanut butter cake to someting "Heavenly."


  1. Look good Mendy! I'm making round ones as well.

  2. good to know cupcake versions are still tasty! i will probably be making mine in an hour or two..

  3. I'm with you, Mendy. They are heavenly!

  4. Great job! They look nicely brown!

  5. Yep... mine lasted a total of 3 hours out of the oven and into our bellies. Tom and I did not share the loot this time.

  6. Nice to see they'll work as cupcakes...maybe mini-cupcake versions would be nice, too. Yours look good!

  7. No kiddy photos this week - I miss those cheeky cherubs!

    Skippy peanut butter - yum. I wish I had used that instead of the healthy no sugar no salt no taste brand.

  8. ב''ה

    Sorry I have not been able to respond to anyone. Been very busy preparing for the Passover Holiday (Le success is in the oven as we speak...) :)

    Thank you for all the nice comments!