Sunday, February 21, 2010

Heavenly Cake - Free Choice Cake(s)


I decided to make two cakes one from before the start of the Heavenly Cake Bakers, the "Banana Refrigerator Cake with Dreamy Creamy White Chocolate Frosting", and one that I missed in the beginning, "Barcelona Brownie Bars. " I also missed the Hungarian Jansci Torta but I figured I would save that for Passover.

Cake one - The Banana Cake:

Mis en place:

The white chocolate frosting is just not the right to make in the blender. A 
blender needs a least a little a little liquid to get things moving. I added an extra tsp of almond extract out of frustration. It got things moving but the taste, while still edible, was not ideal. Next time I am just going to use the hand mixer!

Sifting. Grrr.

The cake itself was absolutely delicious!

Cake two - Barcelona Brownie Bars:

Mis en place:
Notice that someone tried to sneak some chocolate...

Toasty pecans...

I ran out of baker's Pam and I'll have to prepare my pans the old fashioned way until after Passover.

My "double boiler" :)

Er.. "sift" the flour in...

(That's my Bronx Cheer in case you didn't know...)

All ready to go in to the toaster.

Got out my, uh, "piping" tube...


(It's just us here right...)

The "plugs" sank a little. In the background you can see my lemon poppy seed cake. (More on that next week.) 

Aside from the fact that I do not think I have ever had dairy brownies before, these are hands down the best brownies that I have ever had!

:P (Now I'm just likin' my lips.)


  1. Yummo! You're so funny, and I always love when you post photos of the kids. That's got to be the cutest little chocolate thief ever.


  2. Wow! You make me want to try the brownies again. Now that I have tried them once and heard your rave review. You amaze me with what you can do in a toaster oven. And two cakes!!-three? (;

  3. TWO CAKES??? Oh man I only baked one and I took the easy way out! Now I feel super lazy!

  4. ב''ה

    Yes, do make them, they are wonderful! :)

    @Monica: If you scroll down you will see that's not all I have done this week. I went quite a bit overboard. It must be the stress from work and kids getting to me...

  5. I'm glad you made the Banana Cake so I could read all about it! It sounds really good. I love the straw in the brownies. Your daughter is a delight. Can I ship my granddaughters over-you need some more "help" in the kitchen!

  6. I've had the banana cake before (my friend Wafae made them into cupcakes and they're delicious). The Barcelona Brownie Bars are on my todo list. I opted for the Choc Streusel Coffee Cake this week which got good reviews too. I'll have to bump the brownie bars higher on my list.

    Isn't the lemon poppy seed cake to die for? I made in a couple months ago. LOVED it.

  7. ב''ה

    I miss your posts. When is your next cake?

    Send em' on over, I'm sure they'll have a blast! :)

    Hanaâ :
    I agree! The lemon cake is really wonderful. Better than the cake bible version, I think.

  8. WOW, three cakes! So are you saying that you bake when you're stressed? That's a good way to channel your stress I suppose. Just don't eat it all in one sitting, :). Your daughter is so adorable! And I love your piping tube.
    Ditto re. Patricia, I miss her post!

  9. Both cakes look wonderful. Now I'm wishing I hadn't used all of my bananas in banana bread!

  10. Wow, *lots* of baking! I took the weekend off, having baked the cake for my post this week a while back. I probably could have used the baking for stress relief, too.

  11. Everyone is baking 2 cakes for free choice week? LOL! Awesome cakes Mendy! You outdid yourself! :)

  12. Go you. Three cakes this week. That toaster oven (and you) deserve a medal, or at least a piece of cake. Any wonder your little girl was able to sneak some chocolate without you noticing!

    I must admit to both these recipes being on high rotation in this house. I think I subconsciously buy more banana's than we can eat so that I *have* to make this cake. Divine. Even without the cream cheese calorific disaster on top.

    Great tip with the straw... absolutely perfect for getting the ganache into those brownies. I will be stealing that idea from you, just so you know.

  13. Mendy, I feel like you are the MacGuyver of cake baking. I mean, you used a straw! Ingenious!