Sunday, December 20, 2009

Heavenly Cake - English Gingerbread Cake


Mis en place:

The Ez Man (Ezra) was with me for moral support.

Ok, so I am showing a little of my naivety. The recipe called for ground ginger and when I asked my wife where the coffee grinder is (we grind all our spices in there...) she just laughed and sent me to the shelf...

Mamalade, brown sugar, corn syrup and butter...

Pinch of salt...

Mix liquid with dry ingredients.

Make lemon syrup.

I did not wrap with it. I just stuck it under here and let it have a nice shvitz...

A little unusual with the lemon syrup, but still a nice contrast. Delish! I think I would like to make it without the lemon syrup next as this cake would be good on its own. I also thought the butter was a bit to intense when contrasted with the ginger. Maybe I'll make this parve next time. Wondra might also help in the mixing. This was a really easy cake to make!


  1. Looks great, Mendy. I was debating whether to skip the lemon syrup or not... Still thinking.

  2. Such a smiley little boy! He is gorgeous.

    Your cake looks great and I love the thought of you grinding fresh ginger. Actually, I was thinking that a teaspoon or so of fresh ginger juice would really give this cake a nice kick.

  3. Your cake looks great! I wonder how the cake would taste if you have used fresh ground ginger? I do like the lemon syrup that goes with the cake. :)

  4. You know, I also made the Ginger Cheesecake last week, and it used freshly grated ginger. I should have put some in the gingerbread to see if that would have made it gingery enough for me!

  5. great looking cake! ezra steals the show, however!

  6. ב''ה

    Thank you all for your nice comments.

    It's interesting that the ginger seemed weak to most everyone else who made this. The ginger taste seemed to me a bit strong and did not seem to integrate its taste completely with the rest of the flavors. It tasted good but not like 'ginger bread.' Maybe my ginger was a bit peppy...

    I agree, ECL, Ezra definitely does steal the show. :)

  7. Mendy -lol - I love your joie de vivre! joan