Monday, November 30, 2009

Heavenly Cake - Pumpkin Cheese Cake


This cheese cake was just wonderfull!

As a full sized spring-form pan will not fit in my toaster oven I had to make mini cheesecakes.

Needless to say, they did not last very long.

Blackened pecans and burnt noisette... err... I mean toasted Pecans and buerre noisette...

My first attempt at toasting these:

It is a bit more difficult to toast nuts in the toaster as they are very close to the heating element. The trick is just to use a lower temp and give it a little longer.

Here is what they looked like the second time around:

I never made buerre noisette before so the first try got a little burnt:

So I tried again:

Ahh, Much better! No burnt smell.

After a couple hours it looked like this:

Mis en Place:

My food-processor is parve so I had to make the crust in the blender. It worked fine actually, the blade just does not reach everything and creates a whirlpool effect in the middle. You have to keep taking it off and banging it to get the blade to process it all.

I had a little trouble figuring out how to push the crust up the sides. In the end I used the coffee canister. There must be a better way...

Pumpkin and sugar:

Mix mix...

Here the little guys are in their metallic undies and water bath ready for a nice toast:

Chava likes Cheesecake too.

Out of the oven:

Burnt object number 3... the caramel:

The caramel was still tolerable, delicious in fact. However, I may save the rest of it for some candy apples instead of putting the rest of it on the cheesecake. After doing two batches of toasted pecans I did not feel like making another batch for the top.

The cheesecake itself was out of this world! The buerre noisette really did add something and the texture really does change after a night in the fridge (we just had to try one of these when it first came out of the oven.)

The next cake I will make will be the carrot cake, G-d willing.


  1. LOL - what a funny post! Love the photo of your carbonized pecans. You can toast them in a dry frying pan, slowly and carefully.

    Anyway, can't wait to taste our cheesecake tomorrow.

    PS - I might mix this in my blender like you next time. My food processor overflowed at bit.

  2. I love your mini springform pan!! so cute!! :)

  3. haha... i laughed out loud at your post... 'burnt object number 3'... loved it! I did mini ones too and I agree that they are delicious!

  4. As always your cake looks terrific. I love the idea of the little cakes, perfect for my small family. You always have such clever ideas


  5. I ALWAYS burn nuts when I toast them. For some reason I never think to set a timer...then I get busy with other prep and lo and behold burnt nuts. I am amazed and what you bake in your toaster oven -- with great results!

  6. Those pans are adorable. Your cheesecakes = yofi. Also, I am amazed at everything you do with a toaster oven!

  7. Very clever! Love your little girl's name. Does it have a special meaning?

  8. ב''ה

    Thank you all for your nice comments.

    @Vicki. Yes, it is the hebrew for Eve and it means the mother of all life. As ויקרא האדם שם אשתו חוה כי היא היתה אם כל חי ". פרק ד פסוקים א-ב
    Genesis 4:1 "And Adam called the name of his wife Chava, since she was the mother of all life."

  9. Mendy - can you please tell me how to join the bake along. I have baked the cheesecake and created the blog - but I do not know how to add my comments to the heavenly cake bake along. todah rabah - Louise

  10. ב''ה

    Shalom Luise. I am not sure what you mean? Have you emailed Marie( Has she accepted you? If so, your blog posts should start showing up on the log roll on the top left of Marie's blog (
    I am sure you can contact her if there is a problem.

    If you mean you would like to comment on Maries posts than you can do so by clicking on the comments link just like you did here.

  11. Sorry I meant top right for the blog roll...

  12. Love Chava's cheeky little grin (those cheeks, oh my)!

    I am so so so impressed by what you whip out of that toaster oven. And beurre noisette as well. Outstanding. I will have to make up some to have in the fridge on standby I think.

  13. ב''ה

    Thank you Nicola. Very kind.

    Yes, Chava is a cutie. Heaven help you though if attempt to dress Chava yourself. She is the only two years old i know that gets in and out of pajamas and dresses herself three times a day (including throwing out her diaper for me...!)